About Zion's Way

Zion’s Way proudly offers the very best in home health and hospice services to the residents of southwestern Utah and northern Arizona. Zion’s Way began providing hospice services in 2005 and later began offering home health services in 2008. Our team of compassionate professionals is committed to providing personalized life-changing service to all those in need.

Home Health Care

Does someone you know fall frequently or feel unstable on their feet? Do they have difficulty managing medications or need help with a newly diagnosed health condition? Or, do they regularly go to the hospital or emergency room? If so, they may be a candidate for in-home nursing, therapy and assistance with daily household activities. Our home health team is committed to meeting you where you are and achieving a speedy and optimal recovery.

Hospice Care

Do you or a loved one suffer from a life-limiting or terminal illness? Do you need support and assistance making end-of-life-decisions? Or, do you have questions about community resources and other services available to you? If so, Zion's Way is eager to be your healthcare information specialist. As a loved one approaches the end of life, having a reliable resource is invaluable when decisions are made concerning the provision of care. Our mission at Zion's Way is to provide personalized life-changing service in your time of need. Our team of compassionate professionals will coordinate hospice care with the physicians of your choice to address your emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


Our People Make Us Special

Zion's Way boasts of the most talented and caring team of health care professionals. We are dedicated to serving our patients with the appropriate combination of clinical skill and genuine care. We truly believe that each patient and family we work with becomes part of the Zion's Way family. As a result, you can be assured we will do our very best to serve your loved one with the highest level of care and compassion. 

Service Area

Zion’s Way operates from its home office in St. George, Utah, though full-time members of our interdisciplinary team reside throughout Southwestern Utah and Northern Arizona.  Having local employees enables us to respond quickly and provide more personalized home health and hospice care to the residents of the communities we serve.  Staff members who take pride in their work are available when and wherever their services are needed.

Complementary Cares

In addition to traditional home health and hospice care, Zion’s Way uses complementary therapies when appropriate to promote health and treat the various physical, mental, and spiritual needs of all patients and families.  Such therapies include massage, aromatherapy, art and music among others.  Complementary therapies are supplemental to traditional procedures that elevate the patient’s quality of life resulting in a more satisfying hospice and home health care experience.

Hospice is for the living, not the dying. I cannot thank you enough. You were there when we needed you; you provided services we didn’t imagine. You made my husband comfortable so he could have a beautiful and peaceful passing.
— Sandy

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